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Oncourse-English is owned and operated by Gina Billy. A native American, Gina has lived and worked in Germany as an English teacher and translator for over fifteen years.

Recognising the ever-growing demand for intensive English courses, she asked herself why they invariably are offered in far-away destinations like England, the USA or Australia. Thus, the idea for Oncourse-English was born as an alternative for those who want to improve their English skills while enjoying a relaxing holiday in a truly special environment.

The Oncourse team of professional teachers and translators are all native English speakers. The language courses take place in and around the village of Lentas on the southern coast of Crete. Course length and dates are flexible and all lessons are individually structured.

Our philosophy: English learning should be as fun and effective as possible! This goal is easier to reach when you are in a relaxed setting, far away from your everyday life of work, school and other time constraints. Our teachers design lessons especially for you, taking into account your needs, interests and current level. Throughout the leisure activities, we help you to consolidate what you have previously learnt during the course of your lessons.

Translation work is accepted and sent back to you via email. We translate your documents and materials in a natural, accurate and reliable manner. Our top priority is to provide you with English versions of your German documents that sound as if they had been originally written in English and are easy for your target audience to understand.

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